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Why choose Sicily for holiday villas?

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Sicily is hard to beat as a holiday destination with luxury holiday villas throughout Sicily and the surrounding areas. If you have never been, prepare to be blown away by Sicily’s golden beaches, scenic landscapes, towering volcanoes and impressive historic sites. Combined with Sicily’s outstanding cuisine, welcoming locals and fabulous climate, it is incredibly appealing for a villa holiday with family or friends.

Before you book a villa in Sicily, we want to give you a taste of what the island has to offer. It will help you with your villa search. It will enable you choose one of our villas in Sicily in a location you will love from our growing villa collection.

Natural surroundings, coast and culture

There are pockets of beauty all over the island and some locations are more remote than others. If you love natural surroundings, why not choose a converted farmhouse with a pool in the hills. If you have a mix of generations, then look at our Family Friendly Villas page for our favourites. The sea is never far away on the island but chooses a coastal Sicily villa and you have the glorious azure sea on your doorstep. See our Beachfront villas for inspiration.

If the buzz of Italian life features high on your holiday wish list, then choose a townhouse or villa within walking distance of one of Sicily’s handsome towns, villages or cities. See our Design apartment page for our favourites. If you love discovering Sicily’s rich history, use our travel guides and read about the sites which fascinate you the most in order to choose a villa in the best location. Read more in our Magazine articles. Each villa search is unique. Whether you are after a family-friendly holiday home or a chic retreat for couples and friends, our villas come in all shapes and sizes. Each one gives you a fantastic base for exploring the highlights.

Luxury Villas in Sicily

A special mention for Massimo’s stunning luxury villas in Sicily is a must. Many are new to the collection since December 2020. Massimo and his team have been visiting villas then sifting out the best in all our villa destinations.

Situated in picturesque positions, from Cefalu in the north, to Taormina in the east and Menfi in the south west, each of our hand picked luxury villas in Sicily has a unique ‘wow factor’.

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Holidays in Sicily - Sicily Villas Holiday Guide

  • Where in Sicily?
  • Facts about Sicily
  • Sicilian Food
  • Sicily’s Best Beaches
  • When to stay

Where in Sicily are Massimo’s holiday villas?

East Sicily

In the north east, Mount Etna towers over the coastline. Its smoking crater is visible from the colourful city of Catania at its base, along the coast to chic Taormina and out to sea. Houses built from its glistening volcanic rock dominate surrounding towns. Vineyards flourish on Etna’s fertile lower slopes. Coastal resorts, such as Giardini Naxos, are family friendly. Hill top Taormina is brimming with historic gems and photo ops, from its Greek-Roman amphitheatre to its bustling bars and boutiques. Etna’s parkland is a paradise for trekking. It is both a fascinating and picturesque destination for a villa holiday.

Head north by car from Etna and you reach the impressive port town of Messina from where you see the coast of Calabria. South of Etna takes you past Catania and beyond, through hills, down to flatter land on the east coast towards the handsome city of Syracuse. Rocky coves turn into glorious sandy stretches. Choose one of our villas in Sicily just inland and you are surrounded by wide open views of rolling hills, olive groves and cactus.

From your villa, you can easily explore the magnificent honey coloured town of Noto or the coastal city of Syracuse, stroll through pretty fishing villages such as Marzamemi and enjoy an evening drink or gelato on the piazza. Nature lovers should head to the Vendicari nature reserve where you may even spot a flock of flamingos or nesting turtles.

South Sicily

Our villas in Sicily in the south of the island give you easy access to beautiful landscapes and fascinating sites. From the south eastern tip of Sicily, head west towards Marina di Ragusa. Here you find pretty sandy coves and long stretches, including Punta Secca. The location is now famous as the setting for the television detective series, Inspector Montalbano, adapted from the novels of Sicilian writer Camilleri. Feast on delicious seafood here at beachside restaurants.

Head inland to explore enchanting baroque towns, such as Scicli, Ragusa and Modica. As UNESCO World Heritage sites, they are not to be missed. Continue along the sunny west coast towards Agrigento, sandy stretches, rocky coves, and typical coastal towns such as Licata. Prepare to be awestruck when you see the Valley of the Temples, an outstanding archaeological site just outside Agrigento. Select a villa in this area for a good balance of coast and culture for your stay in Sicily.

For a cooling swim, the eye-catching, white, stepped cliffs of Scala dei Turchi is the place to go. If you can’t get enough of archaeological sites, be sure to visit Segesta or Selinunte, both beautifully preserved sites to explore.

West Sicily

As you approach the western tip of Sicily towards Castelvetrano, you pass the handsome town of Sciacca and just inland is Menfi. Our villas here are surrounded by verdant vineyards. This is wine country and it is stunning. A holiday home in this part of Sicily combines rural charm with easy access to more sandy beaches. Just make sure you sample the local vino of course at your local ‘enoteca’ or winery. Holiday homes here tend to be private and spacious with wonderfully lush gardens.

You know when you have reached the western tip of the island as you glance out to sea and spy the Egadi islands rising into view from the sparkling waters. A short trip away by hydrofoil from Trapani and Marsala, the islands of Marettimo, Favignana and Levanzo boast blue bays and a marine reserve so well worth it for a day trip.

The historic centres of Trapani and Marsala are lovely for a stroll and gelato. The area around Trapani is known for its saltpans with their ancient windmills. A nature reserve here is a haven for migrating birds, including flamingos on their way to Africa. Leave the car behind just outside Trapani and take a cable car to the medieval hill town of Erice or discover the white sandy beaches of San Vito lo Capo with its shallow waters and beach cafes.

North Sicily

Turn east from Trapani along the mountainous coastline to the impressive city of Palermo.

Bursting with life, this busy city is fun to explore for the day. Head to its lively markets to taste its street food and admire its historic buildings. Unwind in style at the nearby fashionable resort of Mondello for a dip in the sea and delicious seafood platter at one of its restaurants.

Further along the northern coast, the Aeolian islands archipelago come into view and soon you arrive at the pretty coastal town of Cefalu. With its sandy coloured stone buildings, terracotta tiled roofs and incredible Arab-Norman cathedral at its heart, it is loved by all who stroll through its medieval streets and spend days on its long, golden beach.

The green Madonie mountains surrounding Cefalu and further along the coast to Sant Ambrogio and are where some of our loveliest Sicily villas are situated. It is an enchanting holiday destination. A villa here gives you access to the coastline, islands and historic sites as well as panoramic mountain and sea views.

One of the most beautiful sandy stretches on the northern coast is further east at Capo D’Orlando. From here a day trip to the islands of the archipelago is a must, visible from much of the north coast. Each island has a different form and character, the most dramatic being the active volcanoes of Stromboli and Vulcano where you can bathe in therapeutic mud pools and hot springs.

Luxury Villas in Sicily

A special mention for Massimo’s stunning luxury villas in Sicily is a must. Many are new to the collection since December 2020. Massimo and his team have been visiting villas then sifting out the best in all our villa destinations.

Situated in picturesque positions, from Cefalu in the north, to Taormina in the east and Menfi in the south west, each of our hand picked luxury villas in Sicily has a unique ‘wow factor’.

Fascinating Facts about Sicily

Our shortlist of fascinating facts about Sicily show you how unique the island is compared to others in the Mediterranean.

  • Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean

Sicily is separated from the mainland of Italy by the Straits of Messina. At 25,711 square km, Sicily is larger than Wales (in the United Kingdom) which is 20,780 square km. By car, it takes a good 6 hours to drive from San Vito lo Capo in the north-west to Portopalo di Capo Passero in the south east.

  • Sicily is more than one island

Sicily is made up of one large island and numerous smaller islands. It includes four stunning archipelagos – the Pelagie, Egadi, Aegadian and Aeolian islands. They are a magnet for sailors, divers, climbers and nature lovers.

  • Sicily has three active volcanoes

Mount Etna is an active volcano and one of the most active on the planet. It has been erupting and smoking since 1500 BC. It is not the only active volcano in Sicily. There are another two which are both islands – Stromboli and Vulcano.

  • Ski and swim in the sea on the same day

In Sicily, you can ski down a snowy piste on Mount Etna then swim in the sea on the same day. Sicily has some of the best and most diverse beaches in Italy, from white sandy coves to black volcanic sands.

  • Sicily is a film set

Many famous films have been set in Sicily. They include The Godfather (most memorably Palermo’s Teatro Massimo), Cinema Paradiso (Cefalu) and Il Postino (the Aeolian island of Salina).

  • Most Sicilians are bilingual

Just like other regions of Italy, Sicilians in Sicily speak a local dialect as well as Italian. Sicilian is a  distinct language with Spanish, Greek, Arabic and Catalan routes, thanks to Sicily’s colourful history.

  • Eat ice cream in a bun for breakfast

For a refreshing summer breakfast in Sicily, choose a traditional ‘Granita’. It is a delicious sorbet style ice cream eaten in a fresh brioche in an array of flavours from lemon and pistachio to chocolate and coffee. It is a distinctly Sicilian treat not found in other regions of Italy so be sure to try it for the cultural experience!

  • Ancient Greek ruins rival those in Greece

Sicily boasts a rich history and its many archeological sites and historic buildings are a fascinating reminder. The ancient Greeks controlled much of Sicily for many years until 212 BC and well-preserved Greek ruins still remain in Syracuse, Taormina, and near Agrigento, the site of the famous Valley of the Temples. If you are a history buff, you will love discovering Sicily’s past.

Luxury Villas in Sicily

Beautiful design features, quality furnishings and exceptional settings make them stand out from the crowd. Many boast stunning views from your living room, terrace, bedrooms and stunning bathrooms. Each one has a private pool and comes equipped with facilities such as air conditioning in bedrooms and wifi.

Our Concierge Service is on hand to ensure a personalised experience from start to finish when you stay at one of our luxury villas in Sicily. See more details on our Personal Service page. Please contact us for more guidance on your luxury villa search so we can work out together which villa is for you.

Street Food to try when you stay at one of our Sicily Villas

Sicilians love their food. They are often spotted eating on the go while walking, talking, shopping and going about their daily lives. This is largely due to the delicious, easy to eat and plentiful street food that is on offer in the larger cities and towns.
Why not choose the tastiest on offer then have a feast together back at your villa?

Local delicacies and traditional fare are available, though some dishes are for the more adventurous foodie, such as quarumi (veal bowels in a broth) or stigghiola (lamb entrails cooked on the grill on a skewer).

Here are our top 5 street foods to try on your villa holiday:

  • Panelle

A fried flat cake made from finely-ground chickpea flour and served in a warm bread roll – think chickpea fritter, delicious!

  • Arancine

Essentially a fried risotto ball, arancine is usually saffron-flavoured rice and peas rolled into a ball and filled with some mozzarella and a meat sauce. It is then dipped in bread crumbs and fried. There is a vegetarian option, too, with spinach and cheese.

  • Sfincione

Similar to a pizza, the sfincione is often rectangular in shape, has a more spongy dough and is traditionally topped with caciocavallo cheese, anchovies, tomato sauce, onion and a generous splash of olive oil. Like a focaccia pizza, yum!

  • Pane con la milza

A sesame bread roll filled with slices of veal spleen (and lung) fried in lard, and cheese. Or simply put: a spleen burger.

  • Babbaluci

Small yet delicious snails, seasoned with garlic and parsley that are sucked out of their shell.


Top 5 Beaches in Sicily

Holidays in Sicily usually feature beaches. Sicily has over 1,000km of coastline and an array of beautiful beaches. Ranging from golden stretches to pebbly coves, unspoilt nature reserves and bustling seaside resorts, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Each Sicilian beach attracts a different crowd. From the Ionian coast in the east to the Tyrrhenian coast in the north and the Mediterranean coast in the south, each has a different feel. After long, sandy beaches, you are head to the north of the island around Cefalu, the northwest at San Vito lo Capo or around Menfi. If you love wild and untouched beaches, those hidden in the reserves of Vendicari in the south-east or Zingaro in the west could appeal more. If features such as flamingos, turtles and migrating birds appeal, then they are a must-see! There are some more rocky beaches and charming fishing villages in the east, mixed with sandy stretches.

Above all, be sure to check our website location maps before you go for more photos and an idea of the drive times from our villas in Sicily. Check our shortlist for some of our favourites:

Here are our Top 5 Beaches near our Villas in Sicily

  • Cala Mosche

A little-known sandy beach. Set within the Vendicari Nature Reserve on Sicily’s south-east coast and next to the archaeological site of Eloro. Free of bars, sun loungers or ice-cream sellers, you will need to pack a picnic if you plan to spend your day there. To reach the Cala Mosche, it is a 15-minute walk through the reserve. It has in the past been voted one of the most beautiful in Italy. Set between two rocky ridges, even on a windy day, the sea is calm and inviting. It’s a great spot for snorkelling too.

  • Sant Vito Lo Capo

A stunning beach set against the imposing backdrop of Monte Monaco in Sicily’s north-west. It is a charming coastal town that is also a big hit with climbers. Its azure waters and crescent-shaped sandy sands are a well-kept secret. Visit in September to experience the Cous Cous Festival.

  • Cefalu

Cefalu is one of Sicily’s most picturesque towns. Set on the northern coast, its long sandy beach is one of the island’s finest. The facilities here are excellent, too, making it a good choice for families. When not relaxing on the beach, stroll along to the historic centre, wander through the streets of this postcard-pretty town. Climb the mountain of La Rocca to enjoy stunning views over the town and bay.

  • Mondello

Mondello is known for its chic sands and scenic surroundings. Just 20 minutes by car from Palermo, it is popular with the city’s residents and tourists. It’s a long white sandy beach with sun loungers available on parts owned privately, or you can opt for the public sections. There are also plenty of facilities and excellent restaurants in Mondello itself.

  • Lido Fiori Menfi Selinunte

Lido Fiori is situated near Menfi on the south-west coast, near Selinunte and vineyards. An inviting Blue Flag sandy beach, it is a scenic, sweeping arc with a hilly backdrop.

When to stay in our Sicily Villas

Which dates should you choose for your stay in Sicily? Sicily is open year round and the climate is fabulous thanks to its southerly position in the Mediterranean. If you have the choice, then go for dates which coincide with warm or hot weather so you can enjoy the great outdoors to the full.

Winters tend to be mild, particularly compared to the United Kingdom. Summers are sunny and hot. From the beginning of May until the end of October, it is the season to be outside as the weather is glorious. It is warm and sunny, you can make the most of the gardens at our villas, eat on the terraces and cool off in your villa swimming pool.

May, June, September and October are the best months for avoiding high summer temperatures and those on a break from school. Combine site seeing with days on the beach, al fresco dining and cooling off in the pool at one of our villas.

If your holiday dates are in July and August, then be prepared for heat. They are the hottest months in Sicily. It is the high season when coastal towns are buzzing and boat services are running regular crossings to the islands. Beaches tend to be busy but there are so many beaches in Sicily, there is space for everyone. Be sure to book a holiday home with air conditioning or cooling fans in bedrooms in case you need it!

What Massimo loves about Sicily

  • Discovering new places

Sicily is such a large and diverse island, so there is always something new to discover, even for me and I grew up in Cefalu, Sicily! Recently I have got to know Taormina better and I love it. There are many equally interesting destinations all over Italy but Sicily has so much to offer on one island.

Villa Karin taormina
Villa Karin


Villa Tempio di Titta
Villa la vista

Capo D'Orlando

Villa Charme Sicily Cefalu
Villa Charme


Villa Rita Cefalu
Villa Rita


Villa Talia Sicily
Villa Talia


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