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Each Villa in our collection has something unique, something that makes it special. If you own or manage a villa or an apartment and think it would be a good fit to our collection, then we would love to hear from you! If you join our portfolio, we will help you gain more visibility and secure more bookings from respectful clients, leaving you to enjoy the added income from your property.

The team at Massimo Villas has many years of management and marketing experience in the travel industry. We provide unlimited support for all property owners who feel they could benefit from some additional expertise and quality feedback. We personally inspect all the properties in our portfolio so that we can get to know all the villas, their owners and staff. We love to be able to meet in person with the owners to understand what they want to achieve from their holiday rental business and to answer any questions and concerns they may have. This is fundamental for owners which are new to the world of short-term rentals, but just as valuable to experienced renters looking to take their business to the next level. If you are already in the rental market, we are happy to review your villa to discuss how we can help and what we can do together to improve and refresh your property, your services and your marketing activities to attract more bookings.

Professional photography and styling

Professional photographs are fundamental to present a villa at its best and let the potential customer fall in love with it. Once your villa is accepted into our collection, we will carry out a professional photoshoot and styling for use in our marketing. We want your guests to experience the same ‘wow’ feeling that we did when we first saw the property, even before they arrive, so we think this photoshoot is one of the most important investments we can make in our commitment to you.

Promoting your property

As well as investing heavily in SEO to ensure plenty of targeted visitors directly to our website, we are very active in promoting your holiday villa within international markets. Our clients come not only from the UK, but also from the USA and Canada, Northern and Eastern Europe, and the Middle East. We collaborate with key marketing channels, as well as partnering with niche luxury travel planners and carefully chosen agents to promote your property to a wider, yet affluent audience.  All villas can enjoy a basic listing on the above channels if not already listed, and for selected properties we can offer an upgraded package which can bring significantly more bookings.  Please contact us for more details of how we will promote your villa.


Massimo Villas has been featured in publications such as The Sunday Times, The Financial Times, National Geographic and many others, which bring valuable visitors to our site. We are always looking at new collaborations with travel writes and journalists to promote your property wherever possible.

Busy owners, or those who are based overseas, will be happy to hear that we provide a complete booking management service, covering as much or as little as you need. From advising you on how to get your villa ready for guests, to marketing and promoting your property and handling dozens of enquiries, to secure the right kind of bookings, processing online payments and admin, right through making sure that your guests have a fabulous stay and want to come back again and again.

Bookings Manager

If you prefer even less hassle, we can also coordinate your bookings from any other channels you might have, such as your own online listings or ad-hoc agents. We can manage your calendar and assist your guests, helping to remove the hassle of running your villa and instead leaving you more time to enjoy the income it is bringing.  The client’s booking contract is always directly with you, so if you wish, you are perfectly able to contact your guests before they arrive to wish them a happy trip, or after their stay to welcome them home. We will always keep you informed of anything that might crop up while they are staying at your property.

Local Management

We understand how difficult and time consuming it is to stay on top of all the maintenance activities, clients’ management and so on. For this reason, we also offer management services on the ground through our Italian villa management company SPM. You can read more about these services here.

Massimo Villas is the trading name of MVC Rentals Ltd which is a fully registered UK company. We pass bookings to you as a marketing agent and the rental contract is between you and the client. As we work with an exceptional concierge team, your guests will not be left alone as soon as the booking is confirmed. They will be provided with everything they need before, during and after their stay, so you can have as much or as little involvement as you wish. Working with Massimo Villas will help you comply with local requirements and regulations.

If you have not yet applied for your tourist accommodation license, we can assist you with making the application through our local Gestor partners.

When we visit your property, we can advise you on what we think may be needed to comply with the legislation, from air-conditioning and heating requirements, to first-aid kits, bed linen and guest books. We can also assist with sourcing any of these items and recommend you a fabulous interior designer who can get the villa looking tip-top.

Servicing your guests

When you join The Massimo Villas we will provide a ‘Guest Information Book’ for you to use, either in print or APP format, as required by law.

We can provide you with guidelines to give to your property manager regarding cleaning, maintenance and changeovers, helping you provide the required level of service to your guests.

For a small fee, we can provide an emergency 24-hour number for your guests to call if needed, and we offer an expert concierge service for all clients, free of charge, helping to take the pressure off you.

Booking administration

We can assist you with writing any ‘House Rules’ that you may wish to apply, and we provide very clear ‘Terms and Conditions’ to clients on your behalf.  We provide all the client documentation required by law (booking contracts, payment receipts, holding copies of passports, etc), which you can access at any time.  We can help with the ‘Meet and Greet’ on your behalf if you are away, or do not have a suitable staff member to do this locally.

When a client books with Massimo Villas, they anticipate staying in a beautiful property with a high level of service to match, so they value what we do to make this happen. This means that when we list a new villa, we must be confident that we can offer a 5-star treatment to our clients. Everything from the bathroom fittings and bed linen to cutlery and cushions must be durable and of excellent quality, to withstand a busy season.

A well-run villa

Who do you call when the swimming pool pump breaks down or the lights won’t turn on? Or if a client needs an unscheduled change or extra clean? The services offered to our clients are just as important as the villa itself, so we must be confident that your property will be well managed when we add it to our collection. You may have a live-in caretaker, or perhaps a part-time maid or gardener, or you may even use a local property management company – it is important to always have someone on hand who knows the villa and is capable of finding quick solutions for anything that may go wrong. If you don’t have such a service in place yet, don’t let this put you off, get in touch with us anyway and let’s see if we can help.

High-tech guests

High-end guests like to have the same comforts they enjoy at home in their holiday rental, so we urge owners to invest in a good sound system and international TV channels, maybe with the addition of Apple TV or Netflix. High-speed internet is an excellent selling point (even more now that many clients are looking to rent properties for a longer period of time and work remotely) and makes your clients stay go smoother as they always expect to be able to stream music and videos or catch up with important business while travelling.

Identifying the wow factor

Added luxuries such as a heated pool, hot tub, outdoor kitchen, home cinema, or games room/kids play area can greatly enhance the unique selling points of your villa and will help to attract guests. But often, we are just as keen to find an amazing location, fabulous views and a ‘special something’ to help our guests relax and enjoy in style.

When we visit your villa we will get a feel for what makes it special, why it would appeal to our clients, in other words, what the ‘wow factor’ is.  This is a crucial first step in deciding if your property would fit in our collection. From then on, we can tailor the marketing message and photography to appeal directly to the target audience.

Massimo Villas is proud to have recently been approved for distribution on the exclusive Marriott Homes and Villas channel.

Being part of Marriott gives our owners and suppliers access to a database of loyal customers from one of the most important brands in the tourism sector. In order to meet the demand we expect, we are looking for additional contemporary rental properties of exceptional quality, with a view to distributing them through Marriott.

Marriott home and villas

Marriott Homes and Villas is based in London and is just one of the many brands of the Marriott group. Its collaboration with Massimo Villas is non-exclusive but as one of Marriott’s team of professional property managers, Massimo Villas has agreed to offer the right guarantees and specific requirements according to the Marriott Homes and Villas brand.

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