Work remotely from the comfort of your villa in the most sought-after European location

Working remotely has never been much easier. If you are looking to spend a few weeks – or months – away from your usual environment to enlarge your horizons, recharge and combine productive work with some unique time to explore a new country, we can make it happen. Our Smart Working service will give you everything you need to set up your holiday rental for your business needs: from setting up your home office with printer, scanner and white boards, do adding an extra Wi-Fi and phone line or arranging a temporary gym membership in town so you can keep up with your fitness training needs.

  • What is Massimo’s Smart Working service? Your fully set up home office whether its in a larger city or in a small fishing village. You choose the location, we set up your home office with everything you need.
  • Who is providing the service? Our teams on the ground will make all the required arrangements prior to your arrival.
  • Why choose the Smart Working service? If you are free to work from everywhere you want, this is the perfect opportunity to be productive but also spend some time living like a local in a country of your choice. The world has never been so close by!
  • What is the cost? Costs vary based on the type of equipment you need and for how long. Get in touch for a personalised quote.
  • When should I book? Book at least 4 weeks prior to arrival to have the wider choice of availability.