Enjoy a unique experience and treat yourself to a wine tour with a professional sommelier.

Taking part in a wine tour offers a unique chance to experience Italy’s beautiful countryside whilst enjoying the finest wine and food that each region has to offer. Whether you are drawn to the rolling vineyards of Tuscany or you prefer a visit to the fire-forged island of Sicily, we provide unforgettable wine excursions where you will explore the vineyards, the wineries, learn all about wine making processes and taste many different labels that you can also buy to enjoy in your villa or have them shipped home to bring a bit of Italy to your table.

  • What is Massimo’s wine tasting experience? Visit a local vineyard, find out how the wine is produced, the philosophy behind it, and then taste different labels under the expert guide of a sommelier. Tours vary in length based on the winery and the type of experience you book.
  • Who is providing the service? Local wineries and their teams of experts.
  • Why choose a wine tasting? Apart from the scenic settings of a vineyard, you will learn all about how wine is made from the grape to the bottle. It is a fascinating experience which enables you to increase your knowledge of wine and then purchase your favourite labels to enjoy back home.
  • What is the cost? Cost of wine tasting vary depending on the winery. As a guideline, the price of a wine tasting is Euro 35 per person for up to four people or Euro 20 per person for larger groups. For an exclusive private wine tasting, prices start at Euro 45 per person.
  • When should I book? You can book in advance to secure your preferred date and time, or while at the villa for a last-minute activity based on availability.